Cathryn & Paul | Destination Elopement Wedding in Hotel el Convento, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

By Camille Fontanez
Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer
Fotógrafo de Bodas Puerto Rico
(787) 457-9155 

Their first travel destination as a couple was Puerto Rico, exactly two years ago. It was obvious then, that when they decided to elope, Puerto Rico was the place they would tie their lives in matrimony. They wanted such an intimate wedding, that my boyfriend and I were the witnesses of this union.

The original plan was to get married in San Cristobal Fortress, which a week before the wedding was closed off due to the Federal Government shutdown. They were left stranded without a place to get married, and, after communications with the pastor and us, settled with a beach wedding in the Condado area.

Sadly, this also did not work out as planned, since that day we were surprised with a thunderstorm. They ended up deciding to do the ceremony on the Salón Martorell in Hotel el Convento. What’s magical of this wedding is they could’ve suspended, postponed, stressed out, saddened… But C & P decided to stay positive and, brave the storm holding hands, with a smile on their faces.

Also, it was cool the weather calmed down and even gave us a bit of blue skies after they got married, so we did get some cool photos with the Spaniard-style streets of Old San Juan. 🙂

Cheers again for a neverending honeymoon!!

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