Best of 2013: Puerto Rico Wedding Photos | Lo Mejor del 2013: Fotografía de Boda en Puerto Rico

By Camille Fontánez

Fotógrafo de Bodas Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer

When I started this list I had 42 favorites to choose from. I didn’t know how to select the top 10, since I created a special connection with each of this images and their beautiful subjects. Each wedding I shoot remains engraved in my heart and mind with beautiful memories.

So, finally, I decided to let you, my likers, followers and future bride & grooms (wishful thinking!) decide which of these will be. I researched their respective likes on my facebook page, and chose the top 10 from there.

Thank you SO much for your love, for your support, and all the beautiful feedback I get from all of you year-long. I’ll keep working to make each year end feature more difficult to choose from 🙂 !

I wish you all a GREAT 2014 full of smiles, love, and beautiful memories!

Much love,

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